Automated day trading systems

If you have ever searched online for trading tips and strategies for trading options you would have undoubtedly come across a plethora of websites promising sure winners, miracle strategies that can make you rich in a few minutes and bring you incredible returns. Weekends would be spent compiling summaries of the week’s activities, as well as optimising systems for the next week. Other than this, I am free to do more or less what I want. Measured heartbeat rates of active Day Traders have been known to nudge 180 beats a minute at peak stress moments. For me this stress grew as trading time scales got shorter. Stress also made me alter the rules of my trading strategy. My first automated forex trading system worked on End of Day charts, and produced an alert list that included where to put the protective stop, and profit take. This was around 1999, just as brokers started to offer trading online via the internet.
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